Do you know someone who every day stands up for human rights? Should he/she or this organization be honored for this courageous choice? Then nominate him/her (or even yourself!) for the Operation Daywork Human Rights Award 2024/2025!!

What do we want to achieve?

We honour people, organisations, movements or informal groups that stand out for their commitment to civil society and their concern for universal human rights. With the awarding of the Operation Daywork prize, OD wants to recognise this courageous commitment, which often involves major risks.

This award will not only recognise the value of the individual’s or the organisation’s commitment but will also serve to raise awareness in the civil society. The aim is therefore to get the people to know these human rights defenders and encourage others to become involved in this field.

The award is open to individuals, organisations, associations, informal groups, committees, unions, foundations and cooperatives that are non-profit making.

Nominations must be received by OD no later than 12th of May 2024, 12:00 P.M.


How did we get here?

Since 2007 Operation Daywork has annually supported a development cooperation project chosen at the General Assembly. Since 2015, the Board of Operation Dayworkhas decided to give a human rights award instead of supporting a project, funded as always from the proceeds of the Action Day

With the Human Rights Award, Operation Daywork is in direct contact with the partner organisation receiving the award so that a relationship of solidarity and trust can develop.

The human rights prize will also facilitate OD’s awareness-raising activities by directing attention to different issues, giving a voice to human rights defenders and encouraging others to do the same.

The selection of the Human Rights Award winner, as well as the awareness-raising campaign, remains unchanged. OD publishes an annual call for nominations, to which organisations and individuals wishing to nominate a candidate for the award are especially invited to participate. Prior to the OD General Assembly, a pre-selection will be carried out and 3 finalists for the award will arrive at the General Assembly. The finalists are invited to indicate which concrete activities and projects they will realise with the prize money. The winner will have to come to South Tyrol and Trentino for the subsequent awareness-raising campaign and will contribute to the elaboration of educational materials.

Through the Human Rights Award we hope for an increased participation of students in the Action Day, as they are motivated to directly support people active in the field of human rights.