The aim of Operation Daywork EO is to give high school and vocational school students the opportunity to gain an insight into the reality of developing countries by supporting an organisation that is committed to human rights. At the Action Day money is collected to provide financial support for the winner of the Operation Daywork EO Human Rights Award. The Action Day is promoted in partnership with companies and private individuals.

Operation Daywork EO is a pedagogical initiative addressed to young people which, through the awareness-raising campaign and the Action Day, aims at education, critical awareness and active citizenship for a “different world”. Students learn to take the initiative independently, think in solidarity and broaden their horizons to other realities. The youngsters start to deal with the history, culture and social situation of a developing country. This will enable them to get closer to and understand societies that are distant from them.

This initiative is successful when the young people realise that they do not live in isolation from other people, that they can take responsibility for others and that not all countries have the same opportunities.

The project depends to a large extent on the willingness and participation of many schools, sending out a strong signal of solidarity.


See the 2020 budget (pdf)

See OD Statute (pdf)



What is it It is OD’s most important decision-making body and consists of about 10-15 high school students. The board is renewed every year.

What does it do It meets weekly to make decisions about activities that will be carried out. The council also participates in the ‘Klausur’: a 3-day full immersion in OD where they do self-education to design and promote the awareness campaign. It also organises events, information evenings and guest visits.

Mail: ausschuss-consiglio@operationdaywork.org

Council members 2021-22:
Max Grünfelder (former president)
Marielena Rizzi Daldoss (president)
Vera Egger (vice-president)
Caterina Cappello
Gaia Marri

Giulia Mariotti

Agnes Heinz

Council archive – from 2014


What is it? A group of students promoting OD in their school.

What do they do?  Members are people who promote within their school the association and push students to participate at the Action Day. Moreover, they help distribute the magazines and organise the guest visits to their school. They participate in a specific training in December.

Mail: schulgruppen-gruppiscuola@operationdaywork.org


Who are they? A group of people who are motivated to work with OD. There is no age limit for membership.

What do they do? They support communication and promotion, help with the organisation of events and the awareness campaign. In addition, they participate in a trip to the country of the human rights award winner.

Mail: info@operationdaywork.org

Volunteers archive


The adult council is made up of students and workers who have been part of the decision-making council and who have finished high school. Former OD coordinators can also be members.

The members have expertise in the fields of development cooperation, solidarity and active citizenship and support OD by giving suggestions, opinions, proposals on specific topics.
The adult council has advisory power and meets monthly with the coordinator and the campaign manager.


The coordinator of Operation Daywork EO for the year 2021/2022 is Erica Barbieri.



The campaign manager of Operation Daywork EO for the year 2021/2022 is Manuel Tartarotti. Manuel Tartarotti is from 2019 the Coordinator of OD

Mail: manuel@operationdaywork.org

Operation Daywork EO is supported: by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, specifically by the Office of Cabinet Affairs – Development Cooperation, the Deutsches Schulamt, the Office for Youth Policies of the Province of Bolzano and the Deutsches Amt für Jugendarbeit and by the Autonomous Province of Trento by the Special Charge for Youth Policies.